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BFF Slime Bakery

Tiki Drink

Tiki Drink

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What is your favorite drink when vacationing?

We love our tiki drinks especially if they are served in a fun coconut or tiki mug!

Tiki drink is scented Pina colada which will have you dreaming of white sandy beaches and steel drums playing in the background! The base of this slimed is a coarse sugar sand topped with a coated clear iridescent neon yellow bingsu. The sand and bingsu offer a nice variance in soft and crunch with this texture. Enjoy the snaps and crunches of this slime as you slowly stretch! Tiki drink comes with a mini cocktail umbrella for decoration only!

Slimes are not edible. Do not eat. Slimes may arrive stiff or sticky due to fluctuating temperatures during transit. Please let slimes come to room temperature before playing with them.  

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