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Poor Unfortunate Souls

Poor Unfortunate Souls

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This beautiful DIY Avalanche- lava rock slime is fun to stretch and crunch! The base of this 6 oz slime is black lava rocks with a black semi-coated clear slime that is topped off by a dark velvety purple semi-coated clear slime. The fun begins when you carefully wrap the 2oz white thick and glossy slime with the semi-coated slime. Let it sit for a day and be amazed at the fun swirls that Ursula makes! This haunting slime has scents of the salty sea breeze, damp ocean air, and fresh rain.

Watch our video for tips and tricks on how to make this an avalanche slime!

Please note this slime contains lava rocks, which are a natural rock with rough edges, it is not recommended for sensitive hands. Slime colors may mix during transit.

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