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BFF Slime Bakery

Mickey’s Sushi

Mickey’s Sushi

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Mickey’s Sushi has a multi-glue snowfizz X bingsu base (6oz) that includes a coated clear topper (2 oz) that has a beautiful orange, reddish brown, purple color shift. This slime makes great sizzles and crunches! It inflates a ton after adding in the coated clear topper! Great add-ins include a Mickey Spam Musubi charm, fake rice, fake sesame seeds, and fake seaweed sprinkles. Mickey’s Sushi is scented a fresh blend of cucumber, cilantro, and wasabi.

Slimes are not edible. Do not eat. Slimes may arrive stiff or sticky due to fluctuating temperatures during transit. Please let slimes come to room temperature before playing with them.  

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