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BFF Slime Bakery

Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade

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Our packed bingsu is back and this time it is a two-toned Lavender Lemonade slime! The base is a bright yellow bingsu topped off by our lavender bingsu and sprinkled with lemon fimo! Our bingsus are coated clear so you can enjoy the benefits of crunch and inflation with little to no tackiness. These are PACKED, so slow stretches are needed and as it warms up. The payoff to BFF's packed bingsu slimes is GREAT asmr. This slime is scented a blend of lavender and lemon.

Slimes are not edible. Do not eat. Slimes may arrive stiff or sticky due to fluctuating temperatures during transit. Please let slimes come to room temperature before playing with them.  

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