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Carrot Patch

Carrot Patch

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Carrot Patch is a fun spring slime that starts with a coated clear base of a red brown color shift with micro floam. Included is a beautiful spring green coated clear top layer and a carrot charm to plant your own carrot patch! This slime is scented like a veggie garden, it reminds us of pulling peas out of the soil and smelling the earthy scent of vegetables! Please note that this is a unique scent and while we think it is lovely, it may not appeal to everyone. This slime has a nice light texture that the microfloam provides.

Slimes are not edible. Do not eat. Slimes may arrive stiff due to cold temperatures during transit. Please let slimes come to room temperature before playing with them.  Due to fluctuations in temperature during shipping, slime may arrive sticky. If slime is sticky, please use the included activator spray.

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